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Our group live blog has moved to
This new chat means we have a permanent home of our own that isn’t owned by a corporate 3rd party.
Help and how to files can be found here:

Previous Chat Systems:
The ScribbleLive blog was shut off by Scribble with no notice and Scribble has not been forthcoming about exactly why or the possibility of reopening our account.
They mentioned we violated the terms of the service by “having too many features” though features are controlled by Scribble.
They made a mention to our account holder that it might require more monthly fees to continue the service but then provided no further discussion.
Scribble will not discuss the issue with any of our members other than the person who has the account and rebuffed attempts to
set up another account with Scribble.

We moved to HipChat. This live chat program allows documents and images to be posted and keeps an ongoing log of discussions.
If you login without a full user account you won’t see chat posts from before you logged in. To get a full user login contact us at info (at)
Hipchat has a web page based chat option that can be found here:
There is also a downloadable computer application that works well:
Hipchat also has a free smartphone app for iPhone and newer Android phones:
*the smartphone app should also show up in both phones app markets.

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  • October 1, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Thank for your work ! we follow and translate in France


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