; What Have We Been Up To?

People may assume since the worst or more dramatic events of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is over that our activity has died down. That has not been the case, we have been quite busy as usual. Dean and Nancy did a bunch of radio shows recently helping people understand the Fukushima disaster and how it impacts just about every part of society.

We have published a number of new papers and reports including this one on the upcoming fuel removal at unit 4. There is also a series of reports on the issues surrounding the spent fuel pools, their stability, corrosion factors and fuel risks.

Those who followed or participated in our work from the early days in 2011 will remember efforts to come up with response solutions to the situation at Daiichi. The same creative technical process continues as we prepare to submit a group of concept proposals to IRID, the new official technical body trying to find ways to decommission Fukushima Daiichi.

We continue to research the technical challenges at the plant, the true impact on the environment and human health and what this means for everyone worldwide. Keep checking the website, we have some big new projects that will finish up as we head towards the end of 2013.

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