Radiation Protection Research

Radiation Protection Research 

Canadian Study of Health Worker Exposures LowDoseMedicalWorkers43260874

Radiation Dose – Part 1 (Radiation Protection) YouTube

Radiation Dose – Part 2 (Radiation Protection) YouTube
Geiger Müller Tube (GM) – Part 1 – Radiation Protection YouTube

Geiger Müller Tube (GM) – Part 2 – Radiation Protection YouTube

Environmental impact of Fukushima Daiichi as of Aug 4, 2011 – JAIF

Strahlentelex (German citizens radiation testing group) Number 23 December 1987 

Number 21 November 1987

Radmeters4U – Geiger counters, radiation detectors and calibration services *we have no business stake in this company

EPA Radiation Decontamination 402-r-06-003

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