Radiation Science Research


Royal Soc. Math-Engineering – Artificial Production of Nuclear Gamma Radiation 

Use of caesium-137 and lead-210 as tracers in soil erosion investigation



rad-variations_of_cesium-137-in-soils NEW

Radioactive contamination of natural ecosystems seeing the wood

Pages from ML12318A365 – March 29th, 2011 – Radiation readings from US Embassy in Tokyo

Deposition of fission and activation products after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident

Abundance of birds in Fukushima as judged from Chernobyl 

Chart of radiation releases by reactor and isotopes


New USnuclear_Groundwater-Events-Sorted-by-Date

MIT Pacific ocean Fukushima radiation contamination research & modeling 

OSPAR commission –  radiation contamination north-east Atlantic ocean



NRC corium melt in BWR  – Liner Failure By Corium Melt 

Argonne National Lab –Corium Coolability under ex-vessel accident conditions for LWRs

Oak Ridge National Lab – Identification and Assessment of BWR In-Vessel Severe Accident Mitigation Strategies

Idaho National Lab – A Heat Transfer Model for a Stratified Corium-Metal Pool in the Lower Plenum of a Nuclear Reactor

Notes on the corium/containment manual

NRC – Reactor Safety Course – section on containment and corium in the BWR reactor

Assessment and Development of Molten Corium Concrete Interaction Models for the Integral Code ASTEC


Various Radiation Resources Europe & East Europe – Russia

Europe Relief Map

Maria Medical Reactor – Poland Atomic Institute

Maria Medical Reactor home page

Moscow Uni Nuclear Physics Department 

Canadian Medical Isotope Company That Works W/ Maria Reactor and RosAtom Reactor – Nordion

Krsko Nuclear Power Plant Slovenia 

IAEA – EUROPE contacts

Nuclear power in Romania

International nuclear safety center Ukraine

Ukraine meteorological agency – historical weather page

Ukraine Safety Ministry – Radiation safety

Ukraine radiation readings – upper corner of page live current only

NTI – profile on Ukraine


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