Fukushima Facts Brochure

This two page tri fold brochure explains the current facts about the Fukushima disaster in easy to understand terminology. The brochure was produced as a communications piece for public engagement. If your group would like to obtain copies to hand out at an event please contact us.

An online version of the brochure can be found here 
SimplyInfo Fukushima Facts Brochure


Citations for the brochure:

1. More Fukushima evacuees are deciding to stay away for good
2. FOUR YEARS AFTER: 71% of residents dissatisfied with work at Fukushima nuclear plant
6. Fukushima disaster bill more than $105bn, double earlier estimate – study
8. Fukushima Thyroid Examination, February 2015: 117 Potential Thyroid Cancer Cases, 87 Confirmed and 30 Awaiting Surgery–109 from 1st Round and 8 from 2nd Round Screening
9. Fukushima Radiation Exceeds Chernobyl Evacuation Levels Across Japan
10. Fukushima Radiation Release Estimates
11. Japan to spend $970mn on storing radioactive Fukushima soil
12. Fukushima cleanup fails to convince as just 10 to 20% of evacuees seek return
13. Misc documented reports on
14. Fukushima Daiichi Exposures Found To Be Worse Than Claimed
15. Series of articles at that document Potassium iodide distribution
16. Series of articles on the evacuation during Fukushima Daiichi and subsequent drills
17. Series of articles on SPEEDI radiation plume estimating tool
18. Fukushima Residents Exposure Results Only Tells Fraction Of The Story
19. Joint Offsite Emergency Center Fukushima Didn’t Have Quake Proof Generators

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