School Children Stories of Surviving The Tsunami

Sankai/MSN tells the stories of school children fighting for their lives when the Tsunami hit. One student explains how he unburied other students by digging with his broken hand. Another used the air trapped in a helmet to breathe under the water and then rode a floating refrigerator until they were rescued. The rough translation to English is below.
The original in Japanese can be found here:

For the situation of victims of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture Ōkawa were killed and 74 missing in approximately 70% of children hit by the tsunami earthquake East, report that they interviewed teachers and children have survived to City Board of Education The contents of 23, was found. Also buried with children and a friend broke 助Ke出Shita hand, are vividly told when the state was hit by the tsunami.

Okawa gathered in the schoolyard in small children after the earthquake.Urayama, but it was quite 決Marazu shelter is located in the north foot of the new bridge about 200 meters away after about 40 minutes, “Triangle” aims to place called evacuation. Love comes in many tsunami victims in the middle.

The report, fifth-grade children survived, “I saw the tsunami coming (back of school) ran into the mountainside. 登Renakatta slipped on snow and climb the mountain. The way it lifted the waves filled with soil was stuck in the “testimony.

Helped the children were buried in a shed like the classmates’ right hand while grasping the branches, dug the soil with a broken left hand, “reminisces.

Classmates were swallowed up in this tsunami, “and the buoyancy of air in the helmet up in the water,” called. Among the more water, “it went in off the refrigerator door is accidentally touched. Came to the boat,” and testified that the situation himself survived.

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