Fukushima Update: TEPCO Radiation Mitigation, Floating Pool Covers And Apologies

Tepco has taken more radiation readings with the Quince robot inside units 2 and 3 on the ground floor. Readings in unit 3 were as high as 370 mSv/h near a containment door closer to the turbine building. From an outside perspective this would be under the side that has collapsed. Readings taken at unit 2 were considerably lower and taken on the south side of the building. The highest in unit 2 was 24 mSv/h. This could be due to the nature of unit 2’s failure and lack of upward explosion.

TEPCO is practicing to install floating shield plates on the spent fuel pool at unit 4. This is to attempt to lower the radiation levels so work can begin to clear debris off of unit 4.

We have heard from workers that the process of work being done at the plant is rather a catch 22 situation for contractors. TEPCO will tell a contractor to go do a piece of work but leave the contractor to plan and execute the extremely high radiation work under a great deal of pressure where they can’t really refuse the task. If the work goes well TEPCO takes credit for it, if the work goes poorly TEPCO blames the contractor to the press.

TEPCO has also issued statements related to the compensation program. One concerned the clause below, TEPCO is telling people it will be removed from actual agreement documents being sent out.

Concerning the aforementioned received amount, I will not raise any objections nor apply for additional compensation in response to the individual amounts stated in both the Results Notification and in the Agreement,.”

TEPCO will also be sending out compensation forms for farmers and it appears they will cover damage from rumor or government actions that impacted farming.

Regarding damages and harmful rumors connected to shipment restrictions, etc. of agricultural products (except teas and animal products) imposed by the government. etc., as the data on which the evaluation of the amount of compensation is to be based was announced on September 26, we plan to begin sending and receiving the application forms in early October.

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