North Anna Nuclear Plant Has Another Unusual Event

On September 1st the North Anna Nuclear Plant had another unusual event due to an aftershock that registered at the facility. The nuclear plant is still undergoing inspections after an earlier quake cut power, moved spent fuel storage casks and put a crack in the containment building.

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One thought on “North Anna Nuclear Plant Has Another Unusual Event

  • September 4, 2011 at 4:26 am


    The following report was received from the Kentucky Radiation Health Branch via facsimile:

    “A Troxler model 3430 belonging to Gregg Laboratories, Inc, containing a Cs-137 source and a Am-241:Be source was run over by a D6 bull dozer. The company was working at a job site on the campus of Asbury College in Wilmore, KY at the time of the accident. The technician using the gauge was calibrating the gauge on the source block, source rod not exposed, when the dozer ran over the device. The technician set a 50 foot boundary and called the RSO. The RSO called the Wilmore Fire Department (FD) who responded but did not have a survey meter. The Wilmore FD called the Nicholasville, KY FD who then responded. The Nicholasville FD surveyed the damaged gauge with a GM detector and detected radiation but no contamination. Nicholasville FD called CMC Environmental Remediation in Nicholasville, KY who sent a response team to recover the gauge. The gauge was double bagged, put in a 55 gallon drum, surrounded by dirt removed from the site of the accident and everything surveyed by the Nicholasville FD with a Ludlum survey instrument equipped with a GM pancake probe. All survey readings of the site, the dozer, the equipment used to remove the gauge, and surrounding vicinity read background readings of 8 micro-R/hr. Based on [these] findings, [it is] believed that no breach of either source occurred and that there is no radioactive contamination.”


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