Roke Causing Millions To Evacuate, Headed Toward Fukushima Daiichi

New update from Thunder:
@ 1200UTC as it transitions to an extra tropical low, Navy NRL have probably stopped sat updates due to this. Final JTWC warning notes the transition and frontal characteristics(looks like a comma shape) first part of the front moved over fukushima prefecture around 1830- 2030JST bringing the highest winds and 1 hour rainfall totals(around 50mm depending on location), @2300JST the rain and wind have significantly lowered over the area with light rain to the west, as this passes it may bring some more rain to the area but not like seen on the eastern side, @ 2000JST the Namie station totals were 164/205/267mm for 12/24/48hr respectively, since it has recorded around 15mm to 2300JST. Hopefully the worst of the system has passed, looking at the sat images it certainly seems that way with the heaviest rain in the northeast quadrant and little to no major action anywhere else, may see some sporadic flares of moderate falls but as I said…hopefully all over now… or should I say for now! 🙂

An update from Thunder:
Ok, the situation so far, will be vague for now, some heavy falls were recorded at weather stations near the plant, would expect to see fall toatls of over 100mm for the system crossing(I may be wrong?)  winds look to have lowered now but gusts still exceeding 100km/h are occuring, the system has undergone significant weakening after land interaction with Japan, sat imagery depicts the weakening systems lowered winds, and the central rain structure has also dissipated greatly. Stations near to the plant have recorded wind gusts close to or exceeding 100km/h although the highest readings seem to be from around an hour or two ago now. I am waiting on a position update from JTWC (should be issued soon) along with another microwave pass..

Thunder’s forcast:
Roke started crossing the coast @ 0600UTC, @ 0700UTC 111km/h winds were recorded near Tokyo, falls(rain) of upto 500mm for 24 hours across the southern central coastline, falls(rain) of upto 180mm in Fukushima prefecture for previous 48 hours (remembering that’s ahead of the down pour the system may bring!) here’s the 0900UTC position update (currently 1022UTC) system forecast to maintain winds of 55kts gusts to 70kts on crossing….check @JTWC for the track map.
Nekkei has more on the typhoon.
RSOE live tsunami data
Millions have been told to evacuate ahead of the storm.
Fukushima Daiichi is on typhoon alert
Fukushima Daiichi has lost its live video feed, this is likely either due to the winds or loss of internet access to the server.
Via Twitter, trains have stopped running in Tokyo. Buses were crowded as people made their way home.

Don’t forget to check our weather resources page for more information sources and live webcams around Japan.
Many thanks to Thunder and Majj for keeping us up to date on the storm progressions.

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