A 3rd Fukushima Daiichi Worker Has Died

A third worker has died under suspicious circumstances. He complained of not being well at a morning meeting, was taken to a hospital and died the next day. Another worker died suddenly in August, TEPCO claimed the worker died of acute leukemia but that it was not due to radiation exposure. The first worker that died was said to have suffered heat stroke and then a heart attack. All three workers TEPCO has claimed they had relatively low radiation exposures.

There is much doubt going around about the coincidence of these worker deaths. A worker recently told the German media that their dosimeters would flash an error when they were near unit 1’s high radiation, raising concerns about the accuracy of worker radiation exposure readings.

Another worker died Fukushima: TEPCO reports the death of a worker today’s mid-50s who had worked in the vicinity of the tanks for contaminated water. Yesterday he had complained of being unwell, then today had the death occurred  – spreadnews.de 

The unidentified worker had worked for 46 days at the plant to install a tank which will be used for processing contaminated water from the crippled reactor units.
He worked three hours every day and had been exposed to a total of 2.02 millisieverts of radiation, the official said. An exposure of 100 millisieverts per year is considered the lowest level at which any increase in cancer risk is evident. http://www.ibtimes.com 


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