A Weekend News Roundup

There are a number of notable but brief bits of news worth mentioning.

Two boys from Futuba have been found to have 3 mSv of internal contamination based on a lifetime effective dose due to their contamination. Others were found to have slightly lower levels of internal contamination. The same article mentions a worker at Tsuruga  NPP accidentally grabbed a towel out of the wrong bag. What he thought was his work gear was a bag of radioactive waste. He wiped his face with the towel from the waste bag and received an internal contamination.

The robot Quince was sent into unit 2 to document conditions. Quince has the ability to go up stairs and made an extensive tour inside the building. It made it to the refueling floor and the operators lost contact with the robot. Quince was sent in due to high radiation levels, they were now considering if it was worth sending a worker in to retrieve the robot.

Nearly 70% of those in temporary housing have no employment. This problem will be key to restoring people to a stable life.

6.15 million becquerels found in a square meter of soil in Fukushima City. The article also discusses the problems with decontamination when rain bring more contamination down onto the building and grounds from the air or runoff from other areas such as the forest. Certain forest areas are being found to be heavily contaminated with little hope of decontamination.

Cedar pollen in Fukushima will be tested for radiation. If found to be contaminated, that information will be added to pollen forecasts. Based on this US centric article, cedar pollen can be an allergic scourge and seems to fly with the wind in great amounts.

Another large anti-nuclear protest is taking place in Shibuya Tokyo today, it likely has already taken place by publication. The number of protests and groups organizing them has continued to grow.

A 57 mSv hot spot has been found in Kashiwa Chiba (north of Tokyo).

The US is continuing to build a MOX fuel plant even though no nuclear facility in the US wants to run the dangerous fuel. Meanwhile the country continues to have financial struggles.

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