Two Governors In Japan Prove They Are Corrupt And Clueless

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Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara recently made a deal without any real input that Tokyo would accept radioactive disaster rubble from Iwate. The facility accepting it just happens to be owned by TEPCO as a subsidiary. The governor grumbles that the debris is not radioactive, when the reality is that it is, members of the media and a citizen proved that it was. The governor accused those protesting this to “only care about themselves and that “It is proof that the Japanese people have gone bad“.

He also claims that “Tokyo is not that foolish”  to bring radioactive rubble into Tokyo. But during the press event the materials shown were in a lead box for some unexplained reasons and members of the press were banned from taking their own radiation readings of the rail car. A regular citizen managed to get readings of 35 mSv/h.

Then to add more insult the governor said that detractors to bringing radioactive waste into Japan should “shut up“. Apparently governor’s in Japan can be recalled. Ishihara has only been in office since spring so there may be a case of “buyers remorse” going around Tokyo right now.

Not to be outdone the governor of Fukushima made some recent statements that just defy logic. “I’ve been appearing on TV and covered by other media almost every day since March 11. Thanks to this media coverage, I think I may now be the most famous head of the state, or governor, in the world.”  Completely oblivious to the reality that his prefecture is one of the world’s worst disasters, many of his constituents have had their lives utterly ruined and are living in temporary housing. Maybe he will blame his blood type on his clueless behavior.

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