UPDATE – Iodine 131 Discovered in Austria Over Last 3 Weeks, Czech Republic IAEA Incident

UPDATE 11:14 US CST: Two medical reactors are located east of the areas detecting iodine 131. These are the Maria reactor in Poland and the RosAtom reactor in Dimitrovgrad Russia. The Maria reactor in Poland is closer to the areas detecting iodine in the air and was converted to medical use in 2010. The reactor was originally a research reactor converted to make medical isotopes like iodine 131. We DO NOT have any confirmation that either facility is the source of the leak. They are the only 2 known medical reactors that are operating in the region east of the areas finding iodine in the air.

UPDATE 10:38 US CST: Information coming out points to some sort of medical source in the Ukraine – Belarus region. With the wide dispersal it had to involve either an incinerator or a considerable explosion.

UPDATE – This map shows some of the nuclear power plants around Europe. Turkey has none, Ukraine nuclear plants do not show up on this map. There are a number of plants there including Chernobyl. Weather maps indicate an eastern wind across Czech Republic and Austria right now. This is the standard wind path for Europe. So the source could likely be due east. The Czech Republic is claiming they are not the source. Denmark and Sweden are finding levels they say are higher than those in Austria and Czech Republic. The releases are not being found in Switzerland, some experts are saying this could be some sort of industrial accident rather than a nuclear reactor. With all things combined it is looking like Ukraine or Belarus could be the source.

The Temelin nuclear reactor in the Czech Republic has been having issues recently.

End Update – check back here, we will add additional information to this page.

We have found more information on the IAEA iodine 131 issue. The IAEA says it is originating out of the Czech Republic. Austria has been detecting increased levels of I-131 over the last 3 weeks in the north and east areas of Austria.

The radioactive iodine was in the air-collecting stations in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria is measured, by the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) on behalf of BMLFUW for radioactivity monitoring are operated. Since 17 October is to be found in some samples from these stations measuring radioactive iodine-131, while not detected in normal artificial radionuclides. The values ​​of iodine-131 are so low that it only means of highly sensitive analytical methods can be detected. The measured data of cesium-137 are in the normal range; other artificial radionuclides were not detected.

The Austrian government also makes this statement:

From the radiation protection experts from the Ministry of Life studies and calculations were performed to clarify the origin of the radioactive cloud, or at least narrow it down.The results of dispersion calculations indicate that the source of the radioactive cloud would probably be looking to the southeast of Europe.A release in Austria can be ruled out decisively. That a nuclear power plant is the source of the release is unlikely. According to initial feedback is also in other European countries at the same time for comparable iodine-131 levels were measured.”



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