A Series Of Unfortunate Events at Fukushima Daiichi

There have been a number of odd happenings recently at the plant. What they all mean right now is not totally clear.

On January 2nd, the day after the widespread new years quake, the radioactive fallout levels in Fukushima and also in Chiba spiked. A weird white ash was reported by some in Chiba, no word if this is related in any way.

On January 6th the cesium levels detected leaking out of unit 3’s intake canal tripled in one day.

We still have no explanation for the rush of police cars, fire engines and two buses of workers to Daiichi on January 6th (Japan time).  Checks of TEPCO’s plant status reports say nothing of an incident at the plant and nothing has been reported out of those who watch the press conferences.

There have also been a series of shallow quakes in the region of the power plant since the first of the year.

There is also this strange find that can’t be completely confirmed. A post online claims to be a worker at Fukushima Daiichi. He says that they are drilling underneath unit 2 right now looking for information on what is going on at unit 2. Please note that the images in the link showing a drilling rig are to explain what a rig looks like, they are not claimed to be photos from Daiichi, this confused some people. The images of the claimed specimen were said to be highly radioactive and were shot while the worker was wearing protective gear but he does not elaborate what type of gear he was wearing. The original posts were found on two message boards. The images were grabbed by Iori at Fukushima Diary. He said he grabbed them but forgot to save the link where he found them. So we do not have a way to back track to the original source of the images. The original images clearly show a Japanese made shielding container but there is no other visual information that would tie it to the plant, TEPCO or a date taken. The worker who claimed he took these would have done so at great risk to his job and possibly himself and may not have thought to do anything to further confirm these factors. They have updated with screen shots of the original posts where the photos were taken. The post at Fukushima Diary

We created some up close crops to show the specimen detail, the original images that can be seen at Fukushima Diary.
The worker thinks unit 2 is leaking out the bottom of the building in a honeycomb fashion.

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