TEPCO Setting Up Operations Base & Rail Line

TEPCO is setting up an operations base in Tomioka, just north and west of Fukushima Daini. We have reliable reports that they have acquired the TomTom shopping mall in Tomioka, very near the Tomioka web cam location. Apparently the radiation levels around this complex are somewhat low. Exactly what TEPCO will be doing with this building is not known beyond it being some sort of operations base.

Japan Rail has also been inspecting the Namie rail station for some sort of use. Speculation of people with knowledge of the zone are that they are considering it for transport of things in or out of the area near the plant. There is a JR station at Futuba but it does not have an extensive parking lot and open areas as the one in Namie does. Futuba being close to the plant may also have higher radiation readings that would complicate the use of that station. The rails in this area were classified as capable of freight and passenger rail. Joban line

The image below from http://www.wikimapia.org shows TomTom Plaza shopping center in Tomioka. This is north of the Tomioka web cam. The web cam looks south down highway 6.
Highway 6 is the road seen to the left of the TomTom Plaza parking lot.

This is the intersection seen in the Tomioka web cam with the TomTom shopping center seen to the north and east.
The pedestrian bridge is a unique landmark by the intersection.

Tomioka Google map image showing TomTom Plaza where “A” and “B” are. Highway 6 and the intersection of 163 where
the web cam is pointed. Daiichi is north, Daini is south. “A” and “B” are a McDonalds and a KFC located inside the mall.

Namie rail station image from Wikimapia.org. Follow the rail line to the right and it goes near Daiichi and follows highway 6.
Namie Station on Wikimapia


Namie rail station on Google maps. Namie station is “A”, follow the white and black line to see where the rail line follows highway 6
near Daiichi. Daiichi is the grey area on the lower right.

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