Unit 2 Scope Inspection Soon, Unit 4 Spent Fuel Removal Sept 2013

Worker tweets (below) confirm that the endoscope inspection of unit 2 will be happening soon. The work will be done through an access pipe, he brings up the concern that steam will make seeing anything difficult. Also mentioned is the removal of spent fuel at unit 4 that is expected to begin in September of 2013 and take 6 months.


Worker tweets from https://twitter.com/#!/Happy20790 via Google Translate:

Banwa (* ^ o ^ *) I take disciples worried stiff like everybody spokesman in (-.-;) oiler oiler is something energetic 
disciples struggle this year with work beginning tomorrow (* ^ o ^ *) I was in at night zzZ

But wait if (^ O ^) topic in today's day out come back soon. It was also full of the first group from work today. 
The field who is a big project started last year was supposed to do finally. The project is the containment vessel 
of Unit 2 (PCV) is a peek inside the work.

One more: In a nutshell how automatically removed, the walls of the PCV is configured Neto He ° (f ° value) I say 
a lot through the pipe sleeve. He opened a hole in ° and values ​​that I put the endoscope from there. I've got to 
check the status of the well so dry.

Two more: where they work and high-dose challenge various measures Toka Toka hydrogen pressure at home and abroad 
but some adjustments, I can see how the first time after an accident in the PCV. I do about 19 now in the process 
... and go. Next I'll do it even went well with Unit 1 Unit No. 3.

Three more: If you can not in any circumstances, I also have a different approach 考Enakya. Topic in saying I want 
something better. Exposure of workers to be running low, and I feel What begins work Bakka finally places a high dose

4 Continued: I'm after No. 4, I Bakka swirling rumors I have dreadfulness. I went today, where I front up to the System 
Operation and work as usual and I Sanha GROUP architecture. Demolition of the building is from the end I was like ... 
not much go. I do bad tone ... dismantling of the crane. Well today and was like this

Banwa @ Eos_115 endoscope from'm fine but quite resistant to radiation specifications. Worried about the topic in just 
a concern of that overcast disappear in full steam.

But wait if (^ O ^) snow piled in the car began today in the field. Sabu did this morning disciples in the snow. 
Today I passed 10 months. Chaimasu the innermost and I do not know why Gene would come 11 days each month.
 I would think that people were swept by a tsunami or 帰Renai think that a lot of locals.

More: the first, like hell, like the scene is far beyond the battlefield has become, is still dangerous or 
leave Temasen converge. What topic in 頑張Ranakya 思Un remember that day would come 11 days. I diligently 
strive towards the topic in before just difficult to follow in the long way to go.

I Did What I came to Dahlonega and the Minister of Finance came to J-village ... Speaking today? What I 
was by the way to the local ...

@ Hondas2000_Ap1 evening (^ O ^) where higher doses it may as 60 ~ 80mSv / h in the atmosphere.

@ Yokohama_Inaka evening (^ O ^) from the beginning of the year is not that I do not ... not after the 
second step is a central task in the building.

@ Hiyochann evening (^ O ^) am I supposed to be able to dismantle and decontaminate spent fuel pool ... 
It is a challenge for the future. The Cover Surukaramuki Rinku out just like I'm not No. 1 machine.

@ Onodekita @ Hiyochann sarcophagus is also one hand, I have no problem taking Sounaruto considerable 
reinforcement. I will do all in one building. Sarcophagus.

@ Hiyochann It may take decades of dismantling the furnace. After the body safe disciples (^ O ^)

Good evening @ Houseportceo people attending I'm 10 months after the accident are many. It's not you 
and I are always exposed, I have a lot to work off-site. When I started to believe the oiler does not 
believe tweets from people I say ... What is it with discretion.

@ Eos_115 is still not able to measure. I treated the topic in (>_<) leak points every day I

@ E1240012 evening (^ O ^) I見Kakemasen now. Repair of the road ... I'm doing.

@ Hiyochann 'll take out the fuel of Unit 4 is scheduled to begin in September next year. I think if it 
begins not take six months, but now we make the process more.

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