Unit 2 Up To 275.9 Degrees, Excessive Radiation Being Discharged From Nuclear Plant

TEPCO declared the temperature sensor “likely broken” at unit 2 as we mentioned yesterday. Nuclear plant employees dismissed that claim by TEPCO and they think the gauge is still functioning properly. Today the temps jumped up to 275.9 up from temperatures in the 80’s and then 90 degree range over the weekend. Adding to the factors that say the temperature jump is real is the drastic increase in radiation being released from the plant. On days where the temperature increased the radiation did double digit jumps. On the 11th through 12th it went from single digits to 98.2 MBq/km2 of Cesium 134 and 139 MBq/km2 for Cesium 137. 

Based on these dispersal predictions of weather paths and fallout for the plant, it could take some of this extra fallout towards Tokyo today (Monday night into Tuesday day Tokyo time) if the wind brings air down from Fukushima.
Please take precautions if your in Tokyo and this weather system develops, limit time outside, wear a non-woven mask when outdoors.  The amount being released is much lower than during the early days of this disaster but we are suggesting to take measures out of an abundance of caution as there could be fallout in the weather patterns if they play out to bring air down from Fukushima to Tokyo.

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