TEPCO Cuts Off All Public Reactor Data Reporting

On March 15th, with no announcement TEPCO quietly shut down all forms of public reactor data monitoring. Since soon after the disaster TEPCO had been providing information about the reactors status and sensor data through a number of ongoing documents and data feeds.

CSV files in Japanese and English have been provided since the first weeks of the disaster with data going back to the accident. Those documents now no longer update with March 15,2012 being the last update.
English CSV http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/f1/images/csv_level_pr_data_2u-e.csv
Japanese CSV http://www.tepco.co.jp/nu/fukushima-np/f1/images/csv_level_pr_data_3u-j.csv 

The daily table summary of plant and reactor data also stopped on March 15th. Just change the “15” to the date in March you wish to view. You can see that none past March 15 exist.

Temperature plot documents for each reactor have also stopped. Again, change the “15” to a different date to see the document stops after March 15.

TEPCO has been doing power system changes but nothing that appears to have taken down all reactor monitoring for 4 days.

This is the only remaining ongoing document TEPCO is now distributing. It provides a very small fraction of the information the other documents provided and is insufficient for the public and outside analysts to determine the true status of the reactors.

TEPCO has an obligation to provide this kind of information to the public both in and outside of Japan. The world was on the brink of a disaster that would have been far worse. It was only due to worker efforts that the disaster did not become much much worse. The reactors are also far from safe or stable today. The declaration of cold shutdown is a political one, not a technical one. The reactors are all still at risk for further quake damage or damage from other natural forces. The plant itself is held together with plastic hoses and luck. All progress there is at risk to natural disasters and such could still cause drastic damage to reactors, buildings and the spent fuel pool at unit 4. That pool possesses the potential to cause the plant to have to be abandoned and make an even larger new disaster impacting Japan and the rest of the world.

Until the plant stops being a risk to Japan and the rest of the world TEPCO and the Japanese government have an obligation to be open and up front with the public about what is going on at Fukushima Daiichi.

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