The Daily Show Crawls In Bed With Nuclear Industry Lobbyists

Instead of doing a parody of the US nuclear power industry, The Daily Show has decided to run NEI deceptive propaganda ads.

NEI announced a multi-million dollar campaign to try to convince people in the US that nuclear power is somehow “green” and cheap.
Their “Benefits of Clean Air Nuclear Energy” (yes they actually named it that) campaign is peddling some very inaccurate and twisted ideas
about nuclear power and they are being directed at younger viewers.

Some of that "Clean Air Nuclear Energy"


The campaign itself is rather dishonest in the “facts” and impressions they try to promote. What is even more strange is that The Daily Show would
cooperate with ANY group of lobbyists to promote industry propaganda. The show is known for it’s biting wit and ability to make fun of anyone but
especially a talent for exposing the lies and distortion industry and politics try to pull over on the public.

The Daily Show’s Facebook page has been inundated with posts denouncing the decision to run NEI ads.

Some of NEI’s nonsense being peddled includes claims that nuclear power is cheap and a very creatively crafted set of statements that try to give
the viewer the impression that 1 in 5 homes relies on nuclear power. There is an even stranger one that claims 70% of US power comes from “low carbon sources”
but is presented in such a way to give the impression they somehow mean nuclear, if people are not paying attention.

Some Facts On NEI’s Claims:

Nuclear is only 9% of US nuclear power capacity: (that is far from supplying 1 in 5 homes)
New Nuclear power generation cost is about 20-30 cents per kwh not the 2-3 cents NEI claims
Old Nuclear power generation cost is about 15-18 cents per kwh
MIT and University of Chicago studies also contest NEI’s cost claims

Nuclear power is about 19-20% of power GENERATION right now in the US but only 9% of our actual CAPACITY. We have an over reliance on nuclear power due to it being hard to throttle up and down a reactor as demand fluctuates like can be done with a natural gas plant. There is also a component where the power companies that operate the reactors use them more in an effort to squeeze every last dollar out of their aging fleet of reactors. The bulk of the reactors in the US are in the eastern US. Many parts of the country have no or very little consumption of nuclear power. BTW, Japan’s nuclear power capacity was estimated at 20% and they have proven their nuclear plants were not needed.

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