Unit 2 New Robot Inspection Findings

Workers sent a robot into unit 2 on the ground floor again. This time it went into the TIPS room. The radiation levels appear to be down compared to the previous inspection. The photos released of the TIPS room appear to be in good condition with the exception of one horizontal crack found in a corner where a wall meets the containment bulb. The crack has obvious rusty discoloration we have seen in other cracks found inside unit 2. Like these from the attempt to check the torus room.

The crack in the new images is not clear as to the origin or severity but it appears to have the same tell tale rust marks the other cracks do hinting at some sort of leakage. The crack runs the length of the left wall in the TIPS room and a long distance across the face of the containment bulb. The paint is also bubbled up along the crack in the left wall portion.
Though that area of the TIPS room has relatively low radiation.

TEPCO PDF explaining the robot inspection.
TEPCO robot video of the inspection. You can see a working in lead overalls come in briefly to tie open a door.

Radiation map this week: (click for larger version)

Radiation map from the torus room inspection: (click for larger view)

Close up of the crack in the TIPS rooms

Angle of image:

Images from robot video of the crack:

Large enhanced versions of images from TEPCO: (click for larger view)

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