Unit 3 Torus Inspection Video And New Images And Analysis

TEPCO has released a video of the 8 minute trip into unit 3. We have some enhanced still images from the video.

Some noted information that has come out of the video:
The torus room door is bowed out both across the width and height of the door as if it either experienced considerable pressure or was struck by something.
Workers could not open the door even with attempts to kick it open.
Structures between the air lock door and the torus door had strike damage and large pieces of debris.
What looks like a pipe that has been moved about a foot away from original location.

Unit 3 video on YouTube. Unit 2 video forthcoming.
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Images below with notes, click on each image for larger view.

Unit 3 torus room door, line shows lower door bend

Unit 3, testing radiation at torus room door

Torus room door with bend

Temporary pipe held  up with rope going into the MB (mezzanine basement)

Temporary pump controls with a camera on gauges in unit 3 MB

Unit 3’s torus room door, bowed out by handle. Door pushes in. Workers could not open door even with kicking.

Torus room door with red marks to show the arc of the vertical bow of the door.

Unit 3 torus room door. This image shows the outward dent in the door.

Overhead pipes in the MB near the stairs

Was this pipe dislodge from the mount nearby? This is near the torus room door.

Pipes near the stairwell. Horizontal sheet metal pipe on right has big dent.

Unit 3 going in to MB shows the volume of temporary hoses running in the buildings.

Near the torus room door. Pipe, what looks like a mounting bracket and open pipe in floor?

Looking outward at the MB stairwell airlock door, this area looks undamaged.

More ceiling area pipes and conduit in MB level

Large pipes coming out of floor in the MB area. The area has 2 of these.

Testing around the large pipe in the floor

Part of a stairwell rail and what looks like an open airlock door

Another view of pipes in floor in MB area

Large piece of crumpled debris in MB area

another view of the pipes coming out of the floor.

Water in the basement level of unit 3

testing water surface for radiation, basement stairwell

Airlock into the MB stairwell

MB airlock door can’t be closed due to temporary pipe run through doorway.

Sheet metal pipe near stairwell on MB level. Punctures deep enough to almost puncture the metal. Similar pock marks are
found on the stair treads and the nearby concrete wall.

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