Workers Enter Units 2 & 3 Basements; Enhanced Images & Analysis

Workers entered units 2 & 3 around noon JST. Entry to unit 2 was about 20 minutes. Entry to unit 3 about 8 minutes. Workers were wearing yellow protective suits that may have been lead lined suits seen on a few other occasions. This TEPCO document outlines the location of each image and provides radiation readings. Workers did not attempt to measure inside the torus room of unit 3. Readings outside the door were as high as 75 mSv compared to a high of 35 mSv outside torus room doors at 2.

Some things of note. Unit 3’s torus room door is bowed out. There are considerable rusty looking streaks out of concrete seams in unit 2. An air handling vent in the basement of unit 2 appears to have been pushed or pulled in rather than blown out.

Enhanced images below with notes. Click on an image for larger version.

Unit 2 NW corner stairwell to basement water with heavy rust colored tinge. 150-160 mSv at water surface

Unit 2 NW corner door to torus room. Workers in yellow protective suits. 20-35 mSv at door

Unit 2 NW corner close up of area near door. Rust streaks out of air handling vents and concrete seams

Unit 2 NW corner torus room door. 20-35 mSv at door

Unit 2 NW corner inside torus room door. Red angled wall and some sort of piping, but too small to be torus pipe. 130-160 mSv inside.

Unit 2, NE corner water in lower stairwell. 150 mSv at water surface.

Unit 2, NE torus room door 20 mSv at door

Close up of vent near torus room door unit 2 NE. Notice the vent is pushed or pulled inward.

Unit 2 NE corner, inside torus room. The large curved metal may be the torus. 100-130 mSv inside torus room.

Unit 2 NE corner, torus room  100-130 mSv inside torus room.

Unit 3 NE corner, Torus room door. Notice the torus door is bowed outward. 50-75 mSv outside torus room door.

Unit 3 NE corner, down stairwell to water. Water surface 140 mSv.

Unit 3 NE stairwell, metal draped over railing.

Unit 3 NE corner, torus room door close up. Can see the outward bend to the door. 50-75 mSv at door

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