Fukushima Animal Rescue Farm Needs Volunteers

Farm Arcadia was established in the edge of the exclusion zone to give the abandoned farm animals somewhere safe to live out their lives. Various animal welfare groups have assisted with getting the project going and getting the found animals rescued and brought to the farm. The government has planned to just kill any farm animals it finds in the zone that do not have identity tags. It has been rumored that they were just poisoning the animals since they didn’t have a veterinarian to euthanize them. Many animals are injured, starving or an owner can’t be located. The farm gives them a safe place to go.

Farm Arcadia is looking for a wide variety of volunteers. If you or someone you know is in Japan and may be able to lend some assistance please contact them through their website. If your having language issues navigating their sites you can contact us and we can help make a connection through a translator.

This is a rough translation of the types of volunteer opportunities they have open (ED: I don’ t think they are expecting 1 person to do all of it, just the way it was written)


 of operation Hiace (Tokyo → Fukushima) 
 operation of 2 tons and 4 tons of track (walking) 
 of the livestock barn cleaning and water-feeding 
 relationship building and repairing (such as the repair of the barn) 
 ranch road construction ( ·), such as road repair 
 photography and video shooting and editing 
 Internet-related business 
 clerical work 
 accounting office 
 General chore

Content of work:
1, Driving from Tokyo to Fukushima
two, or 4 TON TON Track Driving a two (in the Exclusion zone)
3, Cleaning Barns, Livestock feeding and giving water to
four, INCLUDING Construction work fixing the Barns
5, Fixing Reads (inside of the Farm and the asphalt Surfacing)
six, Taking photos, Videos, editing Them
seven, Keeping the Website and editing,
eight, Office work
9, accounting
ten, other general work


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