Fukushima Daiichi Earthquake Update 2.14.21

This is a follow up report on the earthquake that took place on 2.13.21.
A strong aftershock hit the plant at 4:31 pm 2.14.21 Japan time.

Damage inspections from the previous quake were still underway when the aftershock took place.
The seismograph values observed at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station are as follows.

・ Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
Horizontal: 13.3 gal (Unit 6)
Vertical: 9.1 gal (Unit 6)

・ Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station
Horizontal: 18.3 gal (Unit 1)
Vertical: 13.2 gal (Unit 1)

This pair of quakes are considered aftershocks of the original 9.0 quake in 2011

A new leak was discovered at the J9 tank farm. TEPCO currently assumes this leak to be rainwater based on testing of the found water.

The leak that the H3 tank at the F tank farm was described by TEPCO has being a smaller hole than originally estimated.

Containers in a rubble storage area were found to be overturned and tipped. TEPCO stated that the contents of these containers did not scatter. Most of the rubble storage is broken down building materials from the reactor buildings.

The I7 tank at the F tank farm was found to be leaking. Water spilled from the upper flange of the tank but was caught in the weir. When workers attempted to transfer water out of the I7 tank they discovered the transfer lines leaked and stopped the transfer. Both spills were caught within the concrete weir.

Various water treatment and handling systems were being brought back online as they have been inspected and determined to be un-damaged. TEPCO closed the emergency status at the plant but inspections were ongoing. It was not disclosed how many tanks have been inspected on site and how many remain to be inspected.

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