NISA Finds New Quake Risk Concerns At Oi & Tsuruga

NISA has discovered that part of the slope near the Oi reactors could collapse in an earthquake. KEPCO says they will remove some of the soil in 2014. NISA intends to hold an expert meeting to discuss the issue. A landslide could drastically complicate an earthquake caused disaster at the plant. English translation of the original article at the end of the page.

NISA will also begin a six month inspection to determine if faults under the Tsuruga nuclear plant are active. There are concerns that faults under the plant could move with a nearby known active fault.
Japan has regulations against building a nuclear plant on top of an active fault that has moved within the last 120,000 to 130,000 years, so the Tsuruga site could be declared unfit to host a nuclear plant.”
Findings of the research could cause Tsuruga to be shut down.

Machine translation of Oi reactor article:

Fear of collapse of slopes near Oiigenpatsu

 Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is a meeting of experts to examine the seismic safety of nuclear power plant opened on the 14th, the possibility of slope near (Fukui) to collapse in an earthquake Oiigenpatsu Kansai Electric Power Units 1 and 2 analysis revealed the results of KEPCO and can not be ruled out.KEPCO to prevent collapse, that begin in fiscal year 2014 the construction scrape off a portion of the surface.  Is also possible slope is not only about several tens of meters away from the reactor building, the unlikely event that affects, such as accident response during an earthquake if Kuzurere.  Analysis of the strength of the slope in the (ground motion criteria), it was found that in some cases weak parts of the surface of the northern slope Units 1 and 2 is slightly slide up to the strength of the shaking of Kepco is assumed in Oiigenpatsu.


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