Bad News – Good News Monday

Bad news first: Japan had US Department of Energy Data days after the start of the Fukushima disaster.
The Energy Department used its Aerial Measuring System (AMS) between March 17 and 19, 2011, and compiled a detailed map of radiation levels on the basis of 40 hours of flight time over Fukushima Prefecture.

This data was sent to the Japanese government repeatedly from March 17 on, NISA apparently received it and did not provide it to the NSC or the Prime Minister’s office. NISA has been asked for this data multiple times by Asahi Shimbun, NISA claims they are still looking for it. People inside the government admit the maps from the DOE were in the NISA emergency offices. NISA’s excuse for not using the data was they didn’t know if it was accurate.

Thousands of people had evacuated into the plume path. It wasn’t until after the DOE had publicly released the data on March 23rd, that the government evacuated the extended area in the plume path on April 22nd.

Some good news: German nuclear company RWE has announced it will no longer be in the nuclear business. The CEO announced this: “Financial risk and the conditions for nuclear power plants, we can no longer afford.”  RWE abandoned a multi billion dollar nuclear plant project in Britain. RWE will not continue with any new nuclear builds. They will continue to own a small number of nuclear plants in Germany that are subject to the German nuclear phase out. The CEO has stated he sees the future in solar panels. The outgoing CEO declared solar to be “Photovoltaic cheaper than thought ‘ and the incoming CEO also declared solar to be more favorable due to the decreasing equipment costs. Last year German company Seimens ended their nuclear division.

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