Leaked Japan Nuclear Industry Document Admits There Is No Power Shortage In Japan, Predicts Industry Demise

Part of the initial Anonymous data dump last week included a private letter from the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum. This industry group letter to it’s members makes a number of admissions.
letter: Takashi_Imai_As_March_11_nears

The letter confirms that there is enough existing power generation capacity to compensate for the nuclear 30%, the blackouts are a ploy.
Electricity normally generated by nuclear energy – about 30% of total generated electricity, making nuclear a key power source – is at the moment being provided by thermal power, from units that had been suspended but were restarted as an emergency measure.

KEPCO has cut power saving targets in the west down to 10% from 15% and there are currently no power saving targets in east Japan as TEPCO boosted production at fossil fuel plants.  It also came out over the weekend that KEPCO shut down some fossil fuel power plants now that Oi nuclear plant unit 3 is back online. This further questions the idea that nuclear was needed to avoid blackouts.

The letter goes on to cite the unstable middle eastern oil prices and C02 emissions as the justification for restarting nuclear power plants.

The letter also goes on to admit solar and other renewables are the answer and should be implemented as much as possible but that he does not think they can be installed fast enough. Never mind numerous solar generating plants have been installed or are in process in about one year’s time. Japan is currently on target to have enough solar power added in 2012 alone to replace 2 nuclear power plants.
Solar and wind power, which are renewable energies that do not emit CO2, should be introduced as much as possible, but they cannot immediately play the role that a primary power source, nuclear power, has played.”

He also admits another strategy of the nuclear industry, that they must decontaminate the areas around Fukushima Daiichi as no “recovery” would spell the end of the nuclear industry in Japan. So far most decontamination efforts in the evacuation zone have proven to be useless as they either have not worked or only worked briefly as the area would quickly recontaminate. The decontamination work funded by the government and being carried out by construction companies with deep ties to the nuclear industry appears to be the effort the JAIF is referring to. Faced with the reality that much of the evacuation zone will not be habitable for lifetimes they inadvertently predict their own demise.
““Without recovery of Fukushima, there is no future for nuclear power in Japan” – this is the commitment of the nuclear industry. We will devote ourselves entirely to restoration of municipalities around the station and to decommissioning the reactors.”

A key theme throughout the letter was regaining public trust and “understanding” while giving lip service to safety. The letter also almost word for word matches many of Prime Minister Noda’s public statements as he made excuses and urged the country to accept the restart of nuclear reactors in Japan, making it clear who is pulling Noda’s puppet strings.





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