Nuclear Shenanigans

The nuclear mafia continues to do whatever they want and laugh at the rest of us.

Fukui prefecture in response to a Freedom of Information Act submitted by Greenpeace gave them a mostly blacked out document. Greenpeace was attempting to get the SPEEDI data run at the request of Shiga prefecture to show how an accident could play out at the Oi nuclear plant. It also came out that in all the supposed safety review of Oi before restarting it nobody in the government bothered to re-run a fallout prediction using numbers closer to what was released to the environment during the melt downs at Fukushima Daiichi. So these SPEEDI predictions are a fraction of what could actually happen in an accident at Oi. Yet the central government “assures safety”. This highlights what was published yesterday in a leaked nuclear industry letter that focused on convincing them public the plants are safe, rather than any actual safety changes.
Further proving the government assurances of safety are a sham. More details on the documents and bureaucratic games over at Ex-SKF
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Freelance journalist Minoru Tanaka found himself on the wrong side of the nuclear mafia after writing an article about a nuclear contractor New Tech & TEPCO. New Tech has filed a large lawsuit against the journalist for  66,980,000 yen. The lawsuit is considered a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suit and Japanese laws can find a journalist guilty of defamation even if they are factually correct. This trial is extremely important as far as independent journalists being able to even cover nuclear issues in Japan if any of them could be financially ruined simply by reporting the facts about a nuclear company. Read more at Japan Subculture.

KEPCO in the last week began shutting down some non nuclear power generation as the Oi nuclear plant hit full production. At the same time KEPCO had been and still is requesting power saving measures from customers and is threatening rolling blackouts. After the non nuclear plants were shut down the percentage of savings needed was also reduced. KEPCO is still claiming they need to restart the #4 unit at Oi…due to power shortages. A meeting is being held in Tokai on July 12 to try to explain this to the public. The excuses ought to be interesting. Yesterday’s article about a leaked nuclear industry letter admitted there is no power shortage and that the nuclear industry in Japan is largely redundant.


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