New Large Debris Found Inside Unit 1 Containment

Videos released by TEPCO yesterday included a scope investigation underwater. The water itself was surprisingly clear with a small layer of tan sediment and small white floaters when the water was agitated near the walls or floor of containment. What was even more interesting was the variety of large debris found inside unit 1’s containment underwater. The diagram shows the general area of the debris field inside containment. All of the findings were under the water line in the bottom of containment.

The images below are from the video (included at the end). Explanations of the images are in line between images.

Below the water surface shows good water clarity with small white floaters in the water.

The object on the right is a solid jagged object, not a “splash” of the sediment. Found underwater in containment. Object appears to be about 6-8 inches across.

Another large flat object with jagged edges and another to the right of it. They appear to be about 6-8 inches across.

What appears to be a broken structural piece of metal. It appears to have a 90 degree bend to the shape and a jagged end. Large black pieces in the sediment, these are seen in other views underwater but it is not clear what they are.  At the top center of this photo the edge of a piece of sheet steel is clearly visible  with the edge bent over.

Containment wall underwater, flat black objects sitting on top of the tan silt and rust.

Lower down underwater this was found. It appears to be a grouping of thick flat pieces of concrete or steel.

Another view of the grouping of large flat objects. The object on the left is about 8 inches x 16 inches.

The images are hard to obtain additional clarity from as the video quality is limited. They do confirm a few things. The water inside containment is relatively clear and clean with a small amount of sediment and floaters. There is a considerable amount of large debris including structural steel, steel pieces and what may be concrete or thick steel.  These findings further confirm damage inside containment.

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