Unit 1 Containment Scope New Images & Video

TEPCO has released more information about the ongoing inspection of unit 1 this week. Water was found inside at about OP 9000, near the top of the torus downcomer pipes in the drywell.
Radiation readings were also taken and showed higher readings closer to where they went into containment and lower the closer they went towards the water in the bottom of the drywell. The readings ranged from 9.8 Sv/h to 4.7 Sv/h with the water surface reading about .5 Sv/h. Near the penetration opening inside containment was about 11.1 Sv/h

Unit 1 Scope Inspection Oct 10 2012
Included below:

An extensive group of images below or see them in a slideshow on our Flickr page here.


Short video of inspection inside Unit 1 containment on Oct 10, 2012

The two hour video inside unit 1 containment:

English version of the initial TEPCO document handouts_121009_01-e

New Japanese handout on this work: handouts_121010_03-j
Translation of important points in the handout:
Dosimetry for stagnant water and atmosphere water

OP 9708

Expected water level
OP 8,190 (currently at 10/10 11)

Bottom D / W
OP 6,180

Measurement of the dose level of accumulated water and atmosphere

OP 9708

Actual water level
About OP 9,000

Expected water level
OP 8,190 (currently at 10/10 11)

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