NRA Declares All Nuclear Facilities In Aomori May Be At Risk

The NRA started by officially announcing the Higashidori nuclear plant owned by Tohoku Electric has an active fault in the plant grounds, it does not run directly under the reactor itself. It will however create a considerable problem for the operator to upgrade the plant to a safe standard. The costs and technical ability to make the plant safe may put any restart in jeopardy.

The Higashidori plant sits on a peninsula in Aomori prefecture that is home to a number of nuclear facilities. This includes a nuclear power plant at Higashidori that TEPCO is building and one at nearby Oma that  J-Power operates. The string of faults run under both plants. This area also sits on the edge of a continental shelf. The edge of this continental shelf fault is also thought by some experts to run under the Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing facility. This large facility stores spent nuclear fuel and includes extraction facilities that separate plutonium, uranium and other materials from used fuel. A vitrification plant that locks nuclear materials in glass is in test operations and the MOX fuel plant is under construction there. Since this facility handles plutonium extraction, an accident at the plant could be very problematic. There is also a spent fuel storage facility at Mutsu, it was not specifically mentioned by the media but may also be at risk due to the widespread concerns of the faults on or near the peninsula.

The faults in the area could cause an 8.0 or higher quake putting all nuclear facilities on the peninsula at risk.
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