Fukushima Residents Still Dealing With The Disaster Daily

Elderly residents of Futaba are still living in an unused school building in Saitama prefecture. As the initial evacuation turned to a more long term response to all the displaced residents many were able to move to temporary housing units that look like a very small trailer. Others were able to find apartments to rent. These Futaba residents are still in the school. They have been being charged for food service for months even though most live on their monthly pensions. Many who are there require nursing care of some kind. So far no one has proposed a better situation for these residents such as an assisted living situation where they could move to together or converting the unused school into something more livable for those who found themselves living at the school. Most still sleep on floor mats with cardboard dividers for privacy.
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Children in Fukushima are seeing an increase in obesity rates as so many are not being allowed outside due to radiation contamination. Many children are 20% more than their standardized weight estimate. More than half of schools limited outdoor time soon after the disaster, 71 still restrict outdoor time at their school.
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The mayor of Futaba was given a no-confidence vote recently. He released a very long letter explaining his concerns for the town, the government effort to force people to return to radiation levels that are too high by international and Chernobyl standards and the controversy over a possible waste dump in their town.
His letter via Google Translate

There are groups in Japan that have been doing the very hard work of trying to protect children from the hazards of the Fukushima disaster and also to rescue and feed the thousands of domestic animals abandoned in the evacuation zone.

The World Network For Saving Children From Radiation can accept donations online here.
There are many groups helping feed and rescue animals in the evacuation zone
Hoshi Family NGO
Naoto Matsumura lives in the evacuation zone and cares for the, dogs, cats, cattle and a couple of ostriches all abandoned in the zone.
Nyanderguard continues to feed and rescue animals
Animal Friends Niigata shelters about 500 rescued animals, most from the evacuation zone
Heart Tokushima shelters many of the rescues
Some of the animals rescued are reunited with the owners, others are placed in foster homes or adopted out.
Hatchiko Coalition gathers donations and forwards them to the rescue groups working the disaster. They also keep a list of many of the groups and their individual Chip-in pages and Amazon wish lists where you can buy items the groups need and Amazon will send the items to them directly.

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