Unit 1; Post Quake Reaction & Torus Oddity Indicate Larger Problem

We have reported extensively about a phenomenon going on inside unit 1 since the accident. Whenever there is a strong quake, the radiation in the Drywell B sensor goes up considerably, pressure and other readings tend to also fluctuate in unison. After the initial meltdowns these reactions were quite intense. Now 1 year and 9 months into the disaster we still see this same activity.

The recent 7.3 quake at Fukushima caused this same reaction.

Drywell B radiation went from 2.99 to 4.71. Swings up into the 3’s or low 4’s happen but the high 4’s was unusual. One pressure sensor jumped from .1417 to .1420 post quake then settled back down. As has always been the case the suppression chamber radiation readings do not go up post quake. Inspections of the containment vessel did not indicate a corium volume inside containment. Yet the reactions post quake and the ongoing hydrogen issue in the torus indicate something corium related going on in the torus. Unit 1 also has extremely high radiation levels below the water surface in the suppression chamber.

Hydrogen B went from .01 to .07 after the quake to .21 on the newest reading, this sensor had been at 0 for a considerable amount of time. Hydrogen A went from 0 to .04 right after the quake to .18 on the newest reading. This sensor also has been running very low for an extended period of time.

TEPCO has been injecting nitrogen into containment and also attempting to purge nitrogen out of the torus. That work was completed late November but TEPCO resumed this effort again right before the quake. The hydrogen purge has been known to increase hydrogen levels in containment. It is not clear is if the hydrogen increases seen post quake are due to the torus purge or the quake reaction.  What is unusual, it appears hydrogen may have been increasing inside the torus after the previous purge effort, indicating the possibility of some sort of ongoing reaction in the torus.

This ongoing hydrogen reaction in the torus along with continuing to see post quake activity in the same area of the reactor indicate a continued event in the torus that can be picked up by the Drywell B sensor.


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