Miyagi Thyroid Testing Raises Doubts About Government Claims

Marumori town in Miyagi prefecture, just north of Fukushima has conducted their own independent thyroid exam survey. The survey involved 1977 children under 18 who volunteered to have their thyroids ultrasound scanned by a specialist doctor. They classified any nodules or cysts found by the same size ranges as the Fukushima Health Survey did.

The scans in Marumori town found 13.1% had nodules or cysts that did not require follow up testing. Five children had nodules or cysts large enough to require follow up testing.

The Fukushima Health Survey found around 44% of children had abnormal nodules or cysts. They tried to claim this was “normal” by first making a press release of an unpublished “study” of children in Tokyo that showed a high percentage of nodules and cysts. What was not noticed by the media that reported it was that it was a cohort of children sent in for thyroid scans due to having a suspected or diagnosed thyroid issue making the group tested inappropriate to compare to the regular population.

Now the Environment Ministry claims to have conducted surveys of children in Aomori, Yamanashi and Nagasaki but have not released any actual study information or sufficient details about the methodology used. The ministry issued press releases claiming they found a rate of 40% nodules in children in these other areas. They provide no details how the children for these tests were chosen or found.

These claims by the Fukushima and national government are quite suspect considering previous studies and medical literature put childhood thyroid abnormalities at very low rates of about 0-1%.

If you take the Miyagi study against the rates found in Fukushima and the medical standard of unexposed children having around a 1% nodule or cyst rate it makes sense. The Miyagi children would have a slightly elevated above normal level yet lower than those in Fukushima who were more heavily exposed.

If you put the Miyagi study against the Fukushima Health Survey and the Environment Ministry numbers it doesn’t make any sense.


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