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The head of the JAEA that runs the Monju reactor program has resigned after a massive string of failures and incompetence was uncovered by the NRA. Officials don’t see this as a solution to the problems at Monju that are far more widespread than the leadership. Kyodo News reports that NRA also discovered operational and management problems where there was an obsession with restarting the reactor and worker warnings were ignored.

An in depth analysis by Asahi Shimbun shows how closing the Tsuruga #2 reactor for being over an active fault line could create a house of cards that would be a blow to all the power companies in Japan. Potential shutdown of other reactors suspected to be over fault lines could put all of Japan’s power companies into heavy debt.

The Japanese Industry Ministry was caught helping a private panel promote reactor restarts. Nothing changes unless someone forces it to happen.

Over the weekend large protests in Taiwan demanded an end to a plan for a new nuclear plant. The main island of Taiwan lacks the space needed for nuclear waste storage and could not afford to lose the land that might be made uninhabitable in a nuclear disaster. Taiwan may have a national referendum on nuclear power by the end of the year, a recent survey found 70% of the public was against the construction of any new nuclear plants in Taiwan. A sit in and hunger strike were also part of the action.

Photo via Kyodo News

Surviving Hibakusha in Japan and second generation Hibakusha to share their story as their generation ages. Some have also connected with people forced to leave their homes after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. They wished to express the need to not just end nuclear weapons but nuclear power as both pose a considerable danger.

Omaha Public Power District told the public they planned to restart the Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant June 30th. The NRC made clear at a recent meeting that the amount of work still needed to bring the plant to any sort of condition to consider a restart is long off. OPPD continued to push this June 30th claim to the media the day of the meeting. Local activists point out that OPPD has repeatedly made these claims only to miss those target dates as work to repair the 400+ problems at the plant makes little progress.


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