Fukushima Worker; TEPCO Deceiving The Public, Should Be Relieved Of Disaster Management

A worker interviewed and later published on Daily-No Border discussed problems at the plant, how TEPCO is deceiving the public and why they should be removed from management of the plant.

The worker mentions that the leaks that are being heavily reported are really no surprise since so much of the work at the plant is slapped together in a rushed fashion. Some of the systems being used were only expected to last a year. Some contractors have inserted clauses that quality is not guaranteed. As worker Happy has mentioned in the past, TEPCO has had a bad habit of corner cutting on project specifications to save money.

This interviewed worker also has concerns about the layers of sub contractors not only eroding the worker wages through skimming but that many times a higher up can not instruct the employee of a sub contractor what to do, adding to the confusion and mis-communication. The worker explains how TEPCO and the current situation of the company motivates TEPCO to cut corners. All of the money being given to the company will eventually have to be repaid and hurts TEPCO’s bottom line.

End of year bookkeeping and the illusion of profits, or at least losing less money has been an openly expressed motivation of TEPCO at least within the work at the plant.

The contractor system at the plant is not working and the ongoing loss of employees will only continue to get worse. The worker suggested two things should take place. One that TEPCO should be relieved of management of the disaster, a panel of experts should be put in place that will focus on solving the problem rather than on corporate stock prices. He also urged the government to form some entity to directly hire and manage workers. In the long run this would save the government money by eliminating the graft by the construction industry and assuring workers are properly compensated.

The worker also mentions additional problems at unit 4 that are not being made public by TEPCO. According to the worker the pieces of the reactor shroud that were removed as part of the maintenance work going on at the time along with some other reactor parts are stored in the tool pit pool. This pool sits opposite the spent fuel pool. These parts are highly radioactive and pose a problem if they were ever left not covered with water or if the building were to experience larger failures.

He also points out a huge problem with unit 1. The cover is not “de-mountable” TEPCO intends to remove the cover over unit 1 to remove debris from the upper floors. According to the worker the cover can’t readily be taken off. It was installed in part using remote equipment and cranes. Near unit 1 is the vent tower where lethal radiation levels were found at the base of the tower.

On unit 2 the worker says that even TEPCO is still clueless to exactly what happened with the unit and what the current state of it is.

The worker closes with an even bigger concern, he thinks if TEPCO is not relieved of management there will be another real critical situation at the plant. Read the entire interview that includes more revelations here: http://no-border.asia/archives/9257


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