People Organize Their Own Thyroid Screenings For Fukushima Children

Many do not trust the Fukushima Health Survey for a myriad of reasons too long to get into here, suffice it to say the survey has not had the best interests of the individual at heart. The UN Human Rights Committee was quite critical of the current state of the Health Survey and the pressure it has put on doctors to not see pediatric patients from Fukushima for thyroid issues.

Saturday the first set of independent thyroid screenings for children from the Fukushima region took place in Tokyo. A group established by journalist Ryuichi Hirokawa to support the children of Fukushima organized the screenings. The screening included a sonogram, copies of the sonogram for the parents to keep and consultations with doctors. The copy of the sonogram is of critical importance so parents have clear confirmation for themselves of the child’s current health status and also for future comparison or documentation.

For parents it is part piece of mind knowing their child’s true health status and also empowerment that if there is a problem they can make their own decisions on what measures to take.

Roughly half of the children in Fukushima prefecture participated in the initial thyroid screenings in 2011. Of the half screened 27 so far have been thought to have or had confirmed thyroid cancers with only one of those having it ruled out. Many others in this half screened qualify for the more intensive screening to look for cancer but have not been brought in to the Fukushima Health Survey for follow up so their status is not known. The Fukushima Health Survey does not include children in Miyagi prefecture or any of the other areas outside Fukushima that received higher levels of radiation in 2011. With the independent screenings actual statistics may or may not be made available since they are not part of the government effort and have a focus on helping the individuals.

The independent screenings in Tokyo will resume Sunday with more being done. We also were informed of a similar screening event going on in Kyoto June 16th. This one is sponsored by CRMS, a citizen group that has been active in screening food for contamination and similar efforts. CRMS has similar events planned all over parts of Japan.

Something else quite important to all of this brought up by Mr. Hirokawa is the need to make sure the screening and any ongoing need for screening or medical treatment should not become a financial burden on families.

We were able to track down Mr. Hirokawa’s NGO group. They appear to also be running radiation free camps in Okinawa along with now doing the independent thyroid screenings. They can accept international donations through Paypal. This is the roughly translated instructions for doing so.

If you have a Paypal account ID, you can donate to the “village of Okinawa ball beauty” immediately. Log in Paypal, please send a donation to the following email address. In addition, please fill in the corresponding column as “village of Okinawa ball beauty”. 

They can also accept international money orders:

3. International postal money
We also accept donations by international money order issued by the post office.
“Please send to the destination of this place.
Takeuchi BLG 402, 1-37-19Matstubara, Setagaya, Tokyo 156-0043, Japan
Days Japan ”

Their donation page:


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