Breaking: TEPCO Admits High Radiation Levels Atop Unit #3

TEPCo sent out this press release today admitting the actual radiation levels on top of unit 3. The recorded 2.1 Sieverts per hour (2170mSv/h) above the reactor well and 562mSv/h at the location of the steam leak. TEPCO did not make clear if this was a reading taken IN the steam or just the nearby building materials. So it is unclear if the steam is giving off this reading or the debris.

What is significant is the 2 Sv/h reading above the well. TEPCO has not admitted this before. This reading is considerably higher than unit 2’s reactor well readings by more than double at the highest spot. TEPCO’s previous official reports for the radiation levels on top of unit 3 had consisted of a single reading that is much lower than the one they admit to today.

This has been the official readings for that floor for about the last year.

Below is the same readings done for unit 2.

Unit 2’s refueling floor radiation levels and emissions were such a concern they put a door on the blow out panel to contain and filter the leakage. Unit 3 shows a considerably higher reading on the refueling floor and remains open to the atmosphere. What isn’t clear is the level of any releases that may be in the steam. The new admission from TEPCO again shows their level of uncooperative behavior towards the public. Such a reading would have been possible likely before debris removal. Debris removal to the point they could have obtained this reading unimpeded has existed since late June 2013 yet this information only comes out almost a month later as the NRA and public press TEPCO for real answers.

What these levels at unit 3 mean still needs to be determined more clearly. It is an admission of even more bad news by TEPCO after they resisted admitting this through deceptive reporting for the last week.

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