New Groundwater Contamination At Daiichi, Problem Out Of Control

fukushima-daiichi-nuclear-reactor-japan-testing-groundwater_70521_600x450A new spot of contaminated water was found Monday at Fukushima Daiichi. What makes this one a bit different is this high beta radiation was not found near a tank. It was found in a groundwater testing well.

Earlier leaks that caused great concern and for the NRA to issue a nuclear disaster rating were detected in the surface water and top of soil near the leaking tanks. These were as high as 2200 mSv/h (beta). This new 3200 bq/liter reading was found in a groundwater well indicating that concentrations in the groundwater upstream of the reactors now contains highly contaminated water. This well also had cesium levels found in the groundwater. An adjacent well also showed elevated readings but not nearly has high as the one of concern. this indicates the water is not contained in any way.

So far this high reading was found in the one well. If the levels begin spreading to other uphill testing wells it could indicate an even bigger problem. This will also add to the issue of releasing any water from the bypass wells as more and more groundwater upstream of those wells is found to be contaminated by TEPCO’s repeated failures.

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