Fukushima News Roundup; December 16, 2013

i-019a19dc7cdb5592d6984378c80f360c-broke-Mr.-Monopoly-guyBanks that have been lending money to TEPCO say they will cut off new loans after this upcoming ones for December. This means TEPCO can’t borrow any more money unless they refinance other loans or create other ways to free up more credit or cash.

Another well at Fukushima Daiichi has seen a beta radiation spike. Groundwater well 0-3-2 had 63,000 Bq/L of beta radiation.

TEPCO makes another admission on the water injection failure back in 2011. They needed to properly align valves but were unable to do so amid the chaos at the plant.
I think it was difficult at the time to make a decision in a short period of time and go to close the valves,” Managing Executive Officer Takafumi Anegawa told a press conference.
This contributed to the situation where water did not reach the reactors as they melted down.

Cesium levels in Miyagi forests are increasing. Levels were around 50% higher than 2012 findings. The samples in Miyagi contradict the government tests in 2011 and 2012 in Fukushima prefecture. Cedar quills found in Marumori were 42,759 bq/kg.

The central government wants to buy up 19 square km of land near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site for storage of contaminated debris and soil. This changes the official position that people should return home to these areas eventually.

NRA and University of Tokyo plan to begin extensive mapping of the seabed off Fukushima for radioactive contamination. Previous research found hot spots offshore of the plant. This new effort will scan 700 kilometers offshore.

Minamisoma plans to allow some rice planting next year. The ban on planting was voluntary by the city. Test planting last year showed that some rice was over the government limit of 100 bq/kg and many fields are still not decontaminated. The city approved the restart of cultivation without proof of decontamination.

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