Fukushima News Roundup; January 27, 2014

Nuclear power utilities bought political fundraising tickets with power customer cash. They spent just enough on tickets to be under the disclosure laws in Japan.

Former Daini manager will become new leader at Daiichi

TEPCO intends to fix the leaking bolt together tanks by putting metal caps over the failed interior seams.

Children’s teeth in Japan will be tested for Strontium 90

Untested soybeans from a required testing area in Iwate with previous over limit readings, were distributed for sale. Officials have been trying to recall the soybeans but have had issues tracking them all down.

Untested live cattle (190 head) were sold and shipped outside of the controlled agriculture areas. This creates a problem as these cattle are then not considered under a requirement of testing at slaughter due to being outside of the controlled areas. 4000 head of cattle may have gone untested under the sales loophole.

A district sales office for vegetables in Koriyama is trying out a bulk scanning machine. The machine enable bins of food to be scanned without having to grind up a sample to test.

A considerable amount of cesium was flushed from the land to the sea by way of the Abukuma river during a typhoon in 2011

30% of the local assemblies in Japan have passed written statements asking Japan to end the use of nuclear power

Greenpeace explains how the US offered Japan help with Fukushima, but it comes with some very big strings that benefit the US nuclear industry. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/nuclear-reaction/cynical-uss-hidden-agenda-in-offer-to-help-ja/blog/47246/

Japan has opted to develop their own muon detection system to attempt to find the reactor cores at Fukushima Daiichi. This could be the result of the US holding help hostage over the liability treaty.

One in four children in disaster zone suffering from behavior problems

A Canadian natural gas pipeline ruptured, causing the regional energy utility in the north central US to ask customers to limit their gas use and turn down thermostats. This incident shows how fragile the utility “grid” is at times where people are dependent on utilities to stay alive. Most US homes have no independent means to heat a home in the winter.

US Politics sees fissures in conservative opposition to renewable energy

WWII vet exposed to radiation in Hiroshima wins VA fight

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