Leak At Unit 3 Found To Be High Radiation Water

TEPCO announced a leak in unit 3 near the steam tunnel area over the weekend. They initially tried to blame it on rainwater. Now TEPCO has released radiation readings for the leaking water. The radiation levels are considerable and TEPCO claims they are higher than the levels in the cooling injection water. The main steam isolation valves and also the incoming feedwater lines are in this tunnel.



From TEPCO’s press release (machine translated)

For water leakage in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 reactor building 1 Kai-nushi steam isolation valve chamber near the (follow-up)

January 19, 2014
Tokyo Electric Power Company

It is a follow-up on water leakage in the Unit 3 reactor building 1 Kai-nushi steam isolation valve chamber near yesterday was (January 18) discovery.

I will let you know the water temperature and radioactivity analysis of the leaked water, so I was able to confirm.

[: January 19th day of collection radioactivity analysis of the leaked water]
cesium-134: 7.0 × 10 ^ 2 Bq/cm3
cesium-137: 1.7 × 10 ^ 3 Bq/cm3
cobalt-60: 2.5 × 10 ^ 1 Bq / CM3
all-beta: 2.4 × 10 ^ 4 Bq/cm3
: [temperature measurement results of the leaked water measured at around 5 pm Jan. 19]  about 20 ℃ ambient temperature in leakage ※ Where to Find about 7 ℃ (1月19 measurement) at around 10 am the day the temperature of the water you are pouring water into the reactor is measured at around 5 pm 19 about 7 ℃ (1 May)

Activity concentration measurements of <Reference> water treatment facilities: 17 published January 2014http://www.tepco.co.jp/nu/fukushima-np/f1/smp/2014/images/water_140117- j.pdf
: December 10, 2013 date of collection radioactivity analysis of the results close to the water that the water injection to the reactor]
detection limit: Less than cesium-134
, cesium-137: detection limit of less than
60-cobalt: the detection limit less than
all-beta: 2.8 Bq/cm3
In the leaked water, we thought that radioactivity concentration is higher than the water that water is injected into the reactor, the water temperature is high, and not due to the direct leakage of water is pouring water into the reactor. Continue, we will continue to conduct research on the cause leakage, etc..

The (reactor water injection flow rate, the reactor pressure vessel bottom temperature, containment temperature, etc.) for a significant change has not been confirmed plant parameters after the leakage is confirmed.

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