More Record High Radiation Readings At Fukushima Daiichi

After the recent admission of record high strontium 90 readings being found at the sea front at Fukushima Daiichi, more record high readings have been admitted this week.

At the same time the record high strontium 90 readings were admitted, data for record high cesium readings were quietly included for a nearby well. Now last night even higher cesium readings were found in yet another well.


Well 1-3 was previously found to have:
11,000 bq/liter of cesium 134
22,000 bq/liter of cesium 137

Now well 1-13 was found to have:
22,000 bq/liter of cesium 134
54,000 bq/liter of cesium 137

Wells 1-2 and 1-16 have had record strontium 90 readings.
The readings appear to show a pathway of leaking contamination. TEPCO has not confirmed if their efforts to block groundwater from leaking out of this area have been successful.

Also released yesterday TEPCO provided further analysis of debris found in Naraha that JAEA investigated. The debris is considered to be from the reactor buildings at Daiichi with one piece having over 7 billion bq/kg of contamination. TEPCO noted that these high readings match those of debris collected near the reactor buildings. The debris was found 15km from the plant.

One piece was of interest as it was labeled as being a piece of polyolefin. A quick Google search for polyolefin and nuclear came up with results of this plastic being used as cable covering in nuclear plants. The photo of the object also looks like a small piece of cable covering.

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