Fukushima Disaster Interviews Clear Up Evacuation Of Daiichi Question

A new report released by Kyodo News seems to clear up what transpired and who may have wanted to abandon Fukushima Daiichi at the height of the meltdowns.

The series of events are outlined as far as who said or did what during those hours, these are in time order based on either a date/time stamp or Kyodo’s narrative:

1. Susumu Kawamata (TEPCO) told Banri Kaida (NISA) “I’m sorry. We’ve tried many things, but we are in a situation beyond our control,” (no date/time given)

2. Akio Komori (TEPCO) told TEPCO home office from his location in the field in Fukushima that “If we don’t make a decision at some point, things could get crazy. Please start setting the criteria for evacuation,”   (7:30pm March 14, 2011)

3. Sakae Muto (TEPCO) “ordered his subordinates at the head office to craft an evacuation plan” (no date/time given)

4. Masao Yoshida (TEPCO – Daiichi plant chief) “started arrangements to secure buses

5. Masataka Shimizu (TEPCO) phoned Kaieda and Edano multiple times to seek approval of staff withdrawal, which he called an “evacuation.”

6. Banri Kaieda (NISA) said he thought TEPCO was seeking a “complete withdrawal” from the plant

7. Banri Kaieda (NISA) woke up PM Kan to ask him if he would approve evacuation of the plant after conditions deteriorated. Kan said no and requested meeting with TEPCO’s CEO Shimizu  (3am March 15, 2011)

8. Masatake Shimizu (TEPCO) when confronted by Kan the same day said “We do not have in mind such a thing as withdrawal.” (March 15, 2011) Masataka Shimizu (TEPCO) talked with Naoto Kan (Prime Minister), Kan told Shimizu “the utility does not have the option of withdrawing its people from the plant” (4am March 15, 2011)

9. PM Kan shows up at TEPCO headquarters to tell TEPCO withdrawl from the plant won’t be allowed (March 15, 2011)

10. Masao Yoshida (TEPCO – Daiichi plant chief) explosive sound and failure of unit 2’s containment along with an increase in radiation levels causes Yoshida to order non essential staff to evacuate the plant. Other reports of Yoshida’s interview call this an order to “seek shelter” but the crews sought shelter at Daini, causing the perception of abandoning the plant. (6:14 am March 16, 2011)

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