Fukushima Roadmap Update Shows Changes At Disaster Site

METI released a new roadmap document for Fukushima Daiichi. Most of it is repeats of old information. There were a few new pieces of information.

The frozen wall is expected to have actual freezing operations start by the end of March 2015. They did not say how long total completion would take.

The existing Kurion and Sarry cesium filtration systems have had the ability to now filter out strontium 90 added to their capabilities. These systems are still being used as first line filtration for new contaminated water. This addition of strontium 90 removal capability is a significant improvement and one TEPCO had not mentioned.

The broken thermometer inside unit 2 has been removed. A replacement is expected to be installed within the year.

About 100m³/day of groundwater has been diverted via the groundwater bypass system and was confirmed by less water volume pumped out of the reactor and turbine buildings.

This statement was given as an update to the frozen wall work: “As of January 28, drilling at 1,144 points (for frozen pipes: 940 of 1,549 points, for temperature-measurement pipes: 204 of 321 points) and installation of frozen pipes at 594 of 1,549 points had been completed

A curtain net was installed across the port opening that includes cesium and strontium 90 absorption fibers. This is similar to some of the suggestions we made for a port entry filtration system but may achieve the same result with less equipment. This also was not mentioned by TEPCO before this update.

TEPCO is about 44% done with the second round of concreting of the port floor.

Decontamination work inside unit 3’s first floor has continued with the hopes of making it habitable to do some sort of future containment inspection.

3D scanning of unit 1’s suppression chamber room has been completed. Those images have not been made public.

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