NDF Tries To Walk Back Fukushima Daiichi Sarcophagus Admission

chernobylAfter news inadvertently leaked via NHK that the decommissioning authority (NDF) for Fukushima Daiichi was considering a Chernobyl type sarcophagus for the plant, there is now an effort by the authority to walk that back.

Mayors for the impacted towns near the plant expressed obvious outrage to the media after hearing the news. This apparently caused NDF to try to do some damage control. They did confirm that this isn’t a done deal, but is an option they are considering. The initial reporting didn’t say otherwise. NDF also tries to frame a sarcophagus as a more “medium term” solution. Obviously such a structure would not be a medium term effort unless it involved some significant new design and long term plan. NDF calls the media reports that they are considering a sarcophagus to be “untruthful” but go on to admit that it is now among the considered options.

The media reports and public concern are due to it even being on the table and that alone raises some obvious concerns. At the same time the government is rushing to reopen as much of the evacuation zone as possible. Minamisoma reopened closed parts of the district this week and there is now consideration for opening highly radioactive zones in Okuma near the plant in a few years. The national government has been rushing to reopen closed areas so they can terminate evacuation compensation for the roughly 100,000 evacuees of the disaster.

NDF issued this press release about the sarcophagus (machine translation) |
Reports on the technology strategic plan 2016 “aka”sarcophagus scheme”.
Agency compensation for nuclear damage, decommissioning, etc.

Information technology strategic plan 2016 released yesterday in the evil organization known as “sarcophagus
Method “there reportedly are considering. This is untruthful, misleading and worry and hung apologize for that.
Description called “sarcophagus”on a recent “need why remove debris For what “is our Organization’s views illustrate the problems known as”coffin system”perspective to eliminate the anxiety of local citizens were entitled to question, such as”there are ways that the sarcophagus is not?”, stated. Strategic plan 2016 listed summary version 8 p, fuel debris for a while And must be considered from the viewpoint of the stage and from the viewpoint of long-term risks and both we are.

Is the risk of deviating from the constant stable state is currently maintained and risks from a medium-term perspective, and risks from long-term nuclear fuel material revealed in the future environmental risks. We believe the commonly known as “sarcophagus”is to reduce risks in the medium term even if ineffective, to reduce long-term risk limits and should be avoided. Consider decommissioning mindful leaving the long-term risks from the unthinkable, aka “piece system” are also doing technical studies designed for fuel debris removal is and is not.
In the description, “depending on the internal situation of flexibility to review this and appropriate” with considered were mistakenly listed consider, commonly known as “coffin system” and. Designed to be repeated in the unloading of the fuel debris removal work of investigation and become, and learn about a flexible technical decisions as a general rule, based on the internal situation and constant strategic review should be written above is what the is.

Continue efforts to further accurate information and in-depth explanation.

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