Something Incredible Found In Fukushima Muon Scan

As we process the information released related to the second muon scan of Fukushima Daiichi unit 2 a number of interesting things have been found. This however, was a surprise. research team member Peter Melzer used an image analysis program to refine the image published by IRID & TEPCO. Image J software was used to do an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis. This refinement showed something quite different than TEPCO’s original image.

“FFT analysis revealed about 8 vertical ‘waves’ across the image, which corresponded to a ‘wavelength’ of roughly 70 pixels. I used half the wavelength in the band pass settings. The filtered image is what I posted. This image renders the curvature of the rpv bottom head quite crisply. The original image shows it as well, once you know what to look for. I believe Tepco’s superimposed mask demarcates the bottom head too low including fuel inside the rpv, which according to the refined image is clearly shown below the bottom head.” – Peter Melzer

Below is Peter’s processed image.

ImageJ=1.50i unit=inch min=0.0 max=65535.0The lower curve of the RPV (reactor pressure vessel) is quite clear in the refined image. It also doesn’t show the dark density one would expect if a large mass of fuel was located in the RPV bottom head. This image also helps clarify the black wash out of the lower section of the image.

The image below is from the IRID/TEPCO handout. The overlay claims to document where the RPV is in green using the actual scan graphic of the muon scan. In this photo they show a large black mass in the bottom head.

u2_muon_irid_7_28_016The side by side image below (opens larger in a new tab) shows the muon scan image published by IRID/TEPCO and Peter’s refined image side by side. The outline of the RPV is quite clear. With both copies of the image side by side the light blue line aligned with the bottom of the RPV as seen in the refined image shows TEPCO’s estimation of the bottom of the RPV is too low. The refinement shows that there is no fuel in the bottom of the RPV in any significant amount

SimplyInfoOrg_u2_muon_sidebyside More details on the ImageJ software and how the image analysis was processed can be found here.

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