Fukushima Unit 2 Containment Repair Research Underway

IRID announced details of work that is now underway to determine if a method for repairing the unit 2 suppression chamber might work.

IRID determined based on previous investigations that there may be a hole or series of holes of around 50mm in the unit 2 suppression chamber. Current research work will determine if filling that structure with concrete would work. The process that would be used and the extent of the research work is significant.

The proposed plan would use a concrete pump truck with a 5 inch diameter flexible hose to inject concrete into the suppression chamber. Initial work took place at the Ando Hazama Technical Research Institute (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) on October 15th. 

It does appear they were successful in layering the concrete mixture and having it sink properly in the bottom of the suppression chamber tube. A 28 day pressure test will be conducted to assure the concrete properly plugs the leak. Future work may be conducted at the new decommissioning research center at Naraha.

irid_u2_concrete_inj_diagram_2016  Diagram of the research test mock up.irid_u2_concrete_inj_model_quencher_20161018_07-300x225

Quencher tube in the suppression chamber model

irid_u2_concrete_inj_pump_20161018_03-300x225 Concrete pump truck with 5 inch flexible tube at test siteirid_u2_concrete_inj_sc_downcomer_model_20161018_08-300x225 Downcomer inside the suppression chamber model

irid_u2_concrete_inj_sc_model_20161018_010-300x225 Concrete prepared for the pump truck

irid_u2_concrete_inj_sc_model_layers_20161018_09-300x225 Concrete layered inside the test model, measured every 10 minutes

irid_u2_concrete_inj_strainer_20161018_06-300x225 Strainer structure inside the suppression chamber model


Water tank for draining leaked water for measurement


Water tank for draining leaked water for measurement


Concrete pump truck with arm and flexible hose


Suppression chamber model with strainer

irid_u2_sc_concrete_inj_water_addition_20161018_04-300x225 Monitoring window inside the suppression chamber model

irid_u2_sc_inside_model_20161018_00-300x225 Inside the suppression chamber model

Documentation from IRID

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