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US virus tests per day


US FDA and White House cite a Chinese study to explain why they refused to import the WHO virus tests. The Chinese study was retracted before anyone in the government cited it. The abstract of the study says nothing about test effectiveness and the WHO test is from Germany, not China. This citation about test ineffectiveness has been used as an excuse for why the US failed to roll out testing in a timely manner.

WI has over 100 new cases in 1 day, 10 deaths total in the state

US has the most cases in the world, even with insufficient testing

SD governor says outbreak is going to last months

1/4 of tests run at a Hayward CA testing center are positive cases

2 Tesla workers test positive

Health care workers may be the next shortage as many fall ill.

Vox has state by state graphs of their virus data

NYC hospitals crowded with the seriously ill, moderately ill and the worried well. If someone doesn’t have the virus when they come in, they probably leave with it.

Food service companies have loads of unsold food while grocery stores struggle to stay stocked.

USS Roosevelt headed to Guam with a virus outbreak on board.

Trump says he will provide guidelines to compel them to reopen public activities 

US not over reacting, comparing US and Italy virus curves

US federal prisons to send home some at risk inmates

676 in hospitals, 83 dead in New Orleans

Virtually all of GA’s virus clusters tied to large church services 

Cruise ship passengers leave GA military base

Nebraska’s first covid patient off ventilator, talking

Health care worker likely cause of NE nursing home outbreak

FBI arrests man claiming to have virus cure, looking for investors 

Home Depot founder’s group peddling false narrative that malaria drug is cure for the virus.

Chaos at the CDC hobbled early response

CDC warns the outbreak in NYC is just a preview of what will happen in other cities

EU can’t say when restrictions might be lifted

SD unemployment claims jumped 900% last week. Even without severe measures.

US total new infection rate slows slightly

Testing rates by state

California cases doubling as unexpected pace, hinting a surge is coming

Hockey company to make face shields for health care workers

UK woman dies after being told she was not a priority for testing

Brooklyn teacher didn’t get virus test until 3rd visit to a provider, even with symptoms

US Covid Tests March 26, 1 PM EDT
65,512 Positive
367,143 Negative
6,322 Hospitalized
936 Death
432,655 Total test results
65,512/432,655 = 15.1% positive test rate


Johns Hopkins 493086 confirmed covid cases, not last update for today

81,782 China
74,386 Italy
69,684 US
56,197 Spain
41,519 Germany
29,406 Iran
25,624 France

Sacramento prepares for patient surge next week

Navy will test thousands of sailors on air craft carrier

US has over 1000 deaths 

Dyson vacuums developed a ventilator in 10 days. They are making 15,000 of them right ow.

Woman facing criminal charges after purposely coughing on $35,000 worth of groceries.

The Four Seasons hotel in NYC has offered up all of their rooms free of charge to health care workers at NYC hospitals. With workers pulling long shifts, the hotel rooms provide somewhere to sleep since many would have long commutes home.

China closes borders to all foreign nationals

FBI kills domestic terrorism suspect who was plotting to bomb a Kansas City hospital amid the outbreak there.

We found that certain vitamins were difficult to obtain. Vitamin B12 is experiencing shortages. This could be manufacturing lag from the outbreak in China or people rushing to buy it thinking it might protect them from the virus. There have been runs on Vitamin C due to incorrect information that vitamin C would act as a preventative. It does not specifically ward off the virus. Baking yeast has also been impossible to find anywhere. WaPo explains that everyone baking at home appears to have snapped up all of the available yeast in the US.

Over 3 million people in the US filed for unemployment last week.

Virus tests in Prague, donated by China were giving an 80% error rate. These are antibody quick tests, rather than looking for the presence of the virus. Since people don’t start to show antibodies for up to a week, the tests were giving false negatives.

Iceland found 50% of their population had active asymptomatic cases by doing a random screening of the public

Sweden has resisted taking the same precautions as other countries. Experts worry this will backfire.

Spain death rate begins to slow even though yesterday’s death rate was 655

Johns Hopkins March 25:
466955 total confirmed cases, 21162 deaths
Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty
81,661 China
74,386 Italy
65,285 US
49,515 Spain
37,323 Germany
27,017 Iran
25,600 France

US had 200 deaths on 3.25, 1000 total deaths as NYC becomes epicenter

Japanese government fears infections in Japan are rampant

Nearly half of patients in San Jose Kaiser hospital have virus

NYC doctor describes running out of ventilators, hospital slammed with seriously ill patients.

NYC hospitals put makeshift morgue in parking lot

Temporary morgue outside NYC hospital, photo CNN

LA mayor issues stark warnings about how bad things may get there
LA stay at home order could last 2 months

Two Boston hospitals have over 40 infected health care workers each

Sioux Falls, SD sees an increase in hospital patients as local transmission cases found

Portland OR hospitals running out of PPE gear before expected case surge

1 million people have filed for unemployment in CA

March 25 Update: US COVID-19 Tests per Day #TestAndTrace The US conducted 74,384 tests in the last 24 hours. Note: About 16% of tests were positive in the most recent report (some are still pending). The high percentage of positives indicates limited testing. For Test-and-trace to be effective, the percent positive would probably be at 5% or less.

The Federalist Society suggested chickenpox parties for coronavirus. A medical ethicist called it homicide, Twitter banned the group’s account. 

Public toilet licking social media influencer who mocked the outbreak has the virus

US DOJ says people intentionally spreading virus could be charged under terrorism laws.

Chicago police clear lakefront parks after people ignore stay at home orders

Amazon workers say company not providing needed protections amid more cases in warehouses.

Airlines switching to hauling cargo as passengers dwindle.

India is forcing people into mandatory quarantine facilities that may actually accelerate infections.

94,000 migrant workers return to India from all over the world, raising worries they bring the virus with them.

Seattle NPR station will no longer carry White House virus briefings citing misinformation after Trump suggested a drug as a cure all resulting in at least one death.

Malaria drug touted at White House press conference no better than supportive care alone in treatment trial.

2 more cruise ships headed to Florida with virus cases onboard

2 passengers from Grand Princess die

South Florida cities pressure counties to invoke shelter in place orders

Waffle House closes many restaurants amid outbreak

What the 1918 flu pandemic tells about human nature

Pangolins are probably not the source of species jumping of the virus

Spotted in Milwaukee


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