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US breaks 100,000 known cases
This explains why that number is likely an under-estimate

New Jersey is #2 in number of cases by state, already has 2000 people in the hospital with COVID and expect a surge of patients in weeks. Providers are already discussing denying treatment to those less likely to survive.

The US trade war with China has made medical supply shortages worse

While the Senate was voting down impeachment, they knew this pandemic was coming.

Two New Jersey warehouses for internet clothing company The Real Real declared themselves “essential” and are compelling employees to come to work.

Instacart workers plan to strike, demanding hazard pay and better safety precautions

In Vancouver, no mask, no service

UC Davis working on multiple areas of research related to the virus

138 sick, 4 dead on Holland America cruise ship stuck offshore from Panama

Field hospital in Seattle soccer field for people who can’t safely recover at home.

Italy has 919 deaths in one day

Mardi Gras likely fueled outbreak in New Orleans

Disneyland Disneyworld to remain closed until further notice

Army Corps of Engineers turns Chicago Convention Center into field hospital

Fighting breaks out at border between Hubei and Jiangxi provinces as central government opens borders.

IL governor calls Trump’s stance on ventilators “deadly”

Detroit police chief has virus

WV imposes mandatory 14 day quarantine on anyone arriving in the state

California bans evictions til at least end of May 

North Carolina goes stay at home

Rhode Island imposes 14 day mandatory quarantine on anyone arriving from New York. The National Guard is enforcing it.

Trump’s false statements from today’s press briefing, fact checked

Government invokes Defense Production Act for GM and Ford to make ventilators.

Johns Hopkins March 27 midday update
Total Confirmed 585,040, Total Deaths 26,819
Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty
97,028 US
86,498 Italy
81,897 China
64,059 Spain
50,178 Germany
33,402 France
32,332 Iran
14,743 United Kingdom

Things are worse, experts don’t know what direction they will go.

200 cities say they have shortage of key supplies, ventilators

MN hospitals are laying off health care workers

What you do or don’t need to clean before you bring it in your house

Young Italians accelerated virus outbreak by bringing it home to multigenerational households. This documents the age contacts

Italy’s too little, too late has turned the country into a war zone



Fox News watchers less likely to take pandemic threat seriously

UK starts vaccine trial

Governor Charlie Baker said Friday he was asking all travelers arriving in Mass. to self-quarantine for 14 days, in the latest step to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Read the full story on NYC doctors, out of supplies, not enough ventilators. Seeing younger healthy people in serious condition. Mortality in younger, healthy populations could go up due to lack of resources to treat them. Wells Fargo demands call center workers come in during outbreakGrocery stores are a prime risk for everyone involved.Moscow goes into 1 week lockdown, Putin declares no outbreak in RussiaLA teen dies of virus after being refused care for not having insurance

Singapore threatens prison time for anyone getting within 1 meter of another person in a line or at a restaurant

Experts warn against wearing contact lenses right now

Postal workers at risk, this could disrupt USPS

US influenza cases dropping

USN Mercy arrives in Los Angeles
Here are 15 positive updates amid grim reports regarding COVID-19
More cases and deaths in San Francisco area

CT doctor charged with crime for purposely coughing in colleagues faces.

UW model says social distancing is starting to work — but still projects 1,400 coronavirus deaths in the state

People still struggle to get tested in Seattle

Physician group in SD tells governor to do more to stop spread

Experts failed to account for one factor in models, projections: Attacks from Trump supporters

Death toll in NY state is over 400.
Non essential construction has been banned in NYC
NYC hospitals start giving plasma antibody treatment to patients
Bill Gates says we need a national shutdown to deal with outbreak in US

FEMA working on getting resources to New York, US surgeon general says.US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said Friday on “CBS This Morning” that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has sent a team to New York City to help allocate resources. “You heard Governor Cuomo say, look, we have actually resources, they’re just mismatched,” Adams told CBS’ Gayle King. “So we sent a team, a FEMA team to help New York City to make sure the resources are getting to where they need.”

UK’s Health Secretary tests positive for coronavirus

Italy has not reached coronavirus peak, health official says

“We still don’t have a plan. I do not know what the national plan is for responding to this virus. Until we get that, it is a piecemeal situation,” said Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

More than 500 NYPD employees have tested positive for coronavirus

Pence calls Trump’s open by Easter claim “aspirational“.

Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans expected to peak next week. Chicago is predicted to have 40,000 people needing to be hospitalized during that time.


South Africa has over 1000 known cases, 2 deaths, goes into 3 week severe lockdown

NYC VA hospital already struggling under surge of veterans sick with the virus, are being asked to treat civilians.

A NYC hospital has moved to sharing ventilators across two patients a day after Trump rejected the idea that US hospitals needed more ventilators to address the pandemic.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday he has tested positive for the new coronavirus, but remains in charge of the U.K.’s response to the outbreak. It said Johnson is self-isolating at his 10 Downing St. residence and continuing to lead the country’s response to COVID-19. Read the full story on

China reopens factories only to fire workers as worldwide demand drops due to pandemic

Service workers union locates 39 million N95 masks for health care workers

GM temporarily cuts pay 20% for 69,000 salaried workers

Coyotes are roaming San Francisco during the lockdown

Polling hints at much larger infection rate in the US than shown through limited testing.

Total Confirmed 532,253 Johns Hopkins March 26, Deaths 24072

Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty
85,840 US
81,782 China
80,589 Italy
57,786 Spain
43,938 Germany
29,566 France
29,406 Iran
11,812 United Kingdom

Spain transforms ice skating rink into state-run morgue to help with rise in coronavirus deaths

Coronavirus: US could see 2,300 deaths a day, even with social distancing, study says

  • Analysis shows fatalities may top 80,000 over next four months, with ‘dramatically’ worse outcome if precautionary measures are relaxed
  • Researchers at University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation reviewed latest Covid-19 data at local, national and international levels

Santa Clara County CA, “best case scenario” 2000 deaths in the next 12 weeks.

At least 24 states reported over 100 new cases today

Trump claimed in a phone interview with Fox News that hospitals don’t need ventilators and suggested the government wouldn’t help states obtain them.

More states tell non essential workers to stay home

Some people don’t understand what is going on around them, even after surviving the virus and a hospital stay.

Kentucky Mayor Posts Surprisingly Blunt Message on Pandemic to Constituents: ‘Listen Up Dips**ts’

Pastor who declared pandemic was a hoax to hurt Trump is the first person to die of the virus from Virginia. 

The Koch Bros political arm is behind the push to relax restrictions in the US, urged defunding of the CDC in 2018

How Minneapolis-St. Paul turned an aging long term care hospital building into a coronavirus hospital in 3 days.

VA hospitals have mixed preparedness

Chicago and Detroit are emerging hot spots

New Orleans has highest death rate per capita this week

Cases explode in Michigan but states outside the hotspots can’t get supplies

Dr. Fauci did an Instagram Q&A full of factual information

The unanswered questions about the virus

White House may refuse to buy ventilators after seeing $1 billion price tag

The UK missed out on a bulk purchase of ventilators with the EU. They claim Boris Johnson lost the email.

Massive unemployment means loss of health insurance

Italy new cases and deaths increased on Thursday

total cases 500,325

total deaths 23,019

total recovered 108,385

Dog in Hong Kong that was subject of coronavirus investigation, did have the virus but this comes with some important caveats. The researchers concluded a dog could contract the virus but could not transmit it to humans. So someone’s pet isn’t a health risk to humans. The dog’s blood samples showed antibodies to the virus, proving it actually had the virus rather than environmental contamination of the virus. A second dog in quarantine found to have contracted the virus quickly became recovered and never suffered any visible illness.

People aboard the Carnival Freedom in early March were told they may have been exposed, to quarantine, after crew member tests positive.

Cruise lines would be left out of stimulus programs in the US as most have their ships registered outside the US.

Detroit food service company selling to the public as restaurants close down

Today’s food shortage issues; eggs and garden seeds

EU will use cell phone data to track virus spread

Colbert Show in the US comes back March 30th with shows produced with the crew all working from their homes to create the show.

PornHub donates 50,000 masks to NYC, then makes their site content free to encourage people to stay at home.



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